Maureen Silvester

Core Team

Maureen joined Open Limits in 2004 and is our Executive coaching lead.  Maureen started out in Business Development and Marketing in New York City, in the financial sector, then moved to Atlanta and became regional Marketing Director for a national publishing firm.  She returned to the UK and made the decision to change careers and focus on executive coaching. She has pursued this vision with dedication and creativity, taking a Masters in Organisational Behaviour at University of London (Birkbeck), Post Graduate Certificate in Coaching at University of Middlesex and I-Coach Academy.  She is now a well-respected, seasoned coach and accredited member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

Maureen’s clients have included some of the big 5 consultancies, private, public and charitable sector clients including Executive and Non-Executive Board members, CEOs, CFOs and CIOs of organisations in local government, the police, scientific research,  HR, pharmaceuticals, IT, finance and hospitality.  She is also an inspiring team coach and facilitator, designing and delivering programmes of executive Team Coaching and technical specialist team development.  She is a member of ANKLe (A New Kind of Leadership) which is a women’s leadership network.  She is also a Visiting Faculty member of Lille and Nice Business Schools and an MBTI, SDI, 360 degree feedback and Thinking Partnerships (Nancy Kline) practitioner.