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Welcome to Open Limits

Open Limits is a niche Organisation Development and Learning company, based in the UK. Since 2002 we have helped organisations to improve cross-team collaboration, removing one of the main barriers to business growth and performance improvement.

We have an excellent track record of helping teams who are cash-strapped, change-weary and under ever more pressure, to take a step back from working ‘in’ their business to working ‘on’ their business. We start from the principle that they already have 80% of the solution IF they work together to:

  • Align their specialist activities to the organisation’s overall goals and strategy
  • Influence perceptions of their specialist function as a strategic, integrated part of business that is easy to work with and adds value
  • Juggle complex and political priorities between operational work, changes, project and end-to-end business processes
  • Add leadership, commercial savvy and relationship management capability to their technical specialist skills
  • Build trust and credibility between diverse specialist and international teams
  • Facilitate their own continual learning and service improvement to reduce dependency on external specialists and motivate and build internal talent

Our clients are in both the public and private sectors and in a wide range of industries. They are specialists in IT, Finance, HR, Sales and Marketing, Emergency Services, Local Government, Academic, Medical, Manufacturing, The Arts, Facilities, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Project Management, Publishing, Hospitality and Legal areas.

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